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Pacific Challenge first carries out a diagnostic with the CEO or business unit manager. A common next step is the co-design of a workshop to deepen understanding of the relevant context and the opportunities and constraints that apply.

Subsequent workshops broaden the solution space and finally choose the best option for action.

Management of innovation is a common task for which Pacific Challenge is engaged. We have extensive experience in working with senior teams of established companies on their management of innovation -- through opening their thinking to external practices, cultures (Google is current best example), and measures of innovation – grounded by international case studies and interventions in internal projects

Current opportunities being worked include

A thinktank project on Australia's Readiness for AI/Machine Learning

IT Cost reduction for enterprises through Software as a Service (SaaS)

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Data-parallel models for improved data mining in massive datasets - industry and government

Internet of things -- physical objects, like car keys and tools, are tagged, with tiny sensors that wirelessly send their location and other attributes to a search engine

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