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Dr. J. Craig Mudge AO FTSE, former director of the Computer Science Lab at legendary Xerox PARC, CSIRO chief research scientist, computer designer at HP/DEC, and experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has worked in the computer industry in the US, Asia, Australia, and Europe. He taught computer science and engineering at Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, and Flinders and founded Austek Microsystems based on a breakthrough chip-design technology developed in his group, the VLSI Program, at CSIRO. He has six patents in computer design. His commitment to leadership in the management of innovation led to his founding the Macquarie Institute for Innovation as Professor of Innovation at Macquarie University.

Mudge currently leads Pacific Challenge, a strategy and innovation consultancy in its third decade.

Discerning important trends:

“Over a period of many years as the technology industry has "grown up," Craig has consistently exhibited an unusual ability to recognize and articulate important trends and opportunities before many others.”
Karen Tucker, CEO Churchill Club, Silicon Valley's premier business and technology forum


Australia's Top 50 Thinkers:

The enticement of silicon chip specialist Craig Mudge from his position as advanced development manager with Digital Equipment Corporation in the US and back to Australia ... was seen as a big coup for the CSIRO in 1981. Mudge's team has gone on to become world leaders in the design of custom chips that are tailor-made for specific tasks. ”

The National Times, May 25-31, 1984

Order of Australia:

The 2016 Australia Day Honours list carried Mudge's award as an Officer of the Order of Australia. The citation read as follows.

For distinguished service to science, particularly through pioneering initiatives in the information technology sector, as a researcher and author, and as a mentor of young scientists.

Pearcey Hall of Fame:

In August 2012 Mudge was inducted into the Pearcey Hall of Fame for “Distinguished lifetime achievement and contribution to the development and growth of the Australian Information and Communications Technology industry”. The award is named after Dr. Trevor Pearcey, who designed CSIRAC, Australia’s first digital computer.


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