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Our work is focused on guiding, and challenging, leaders of corporate business divisions and government research labs, as they create sustainable competitive advantage in product or service offerings through innovation, with a timeliness and clock speed that matches their industry context.

To do this, Pacific Challenge has three types of engagements, namely, Labs, Workshops, and Consulting engagements.

A Pacific Challenge Lab is a custom tailored sequence of agendas covering idea generation, context, culture, implementation, and test undertaken by a team to address a high-level complex innovation challenge in a condensed time frame. Labs might create strategic plans, new product/service offerings, or a strategic response to a market threat. Depending on a Lab’s duration, a complete business plan can result.

Our workshops are custom programs co-designed with each client, who is either a user of technology or a generator of technology. The former, for example, financial services organisations, agribusiness, or firms getting clear business value from e-commerce, attend our workshops so they can time their investments in new technology – neither too early nor too late. The latter, technology based, organisations, look to improve the return on their R&D dollar, both in time-to-market and development cost. For more detail, please see Workshops

Teams returning from Labs often need support to ensure that the execution of their business plans proceeds on their schedule, that momentum is maintained, and that technology is continually refreshed. In other cases, workshop participants learn new approaches to innovation that they wish to promulgate through their organisations. Our consulting engagements provide support and encouragement to those newly generated plans and insights. Moreover, our network in Silicon Valley, Australasia, and increasingly Asia, means that we provide a continuous pace-setting refresh of your international context.


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