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Cloud Computing

Building upon its Silicon Valley experience in cloud computing and the Academy Working Group, Pacific Challenge is working with clients ranging from innovative start-ups, to SMEs, governments, and to large financial services organizations helping them discern business value from the cloud, and then drawing up implementation plans to capture that value.

The major commercial suppliers are Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce.com. The essential properties of their services are

  • software as a service – applications are delivered over the Internet,
  • significant cost savings because resources in massive warehouse-sized data centres are pooled at scale, built from low-cost commodity chips and disks, and share the overhead of cooling, refrigeration, physical security, and backup power
  • presented as a utility with a matching business model, namely pay-per-use, and
  • a new data-parallel programming framework

  • For more info see www.atse.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/cloud-computing-opportunities-challenges-australia.pdf


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