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Reports for government

Two examples of our work with federal and state governments are National ICT Australia and cloud computing at peta-scale

In the first half of 2008, Pacific Challenge undertook a survey of ICT research in Australian universities for NICTA with the following objectives from NICTA’s national role:

  • to assess the state of research in computer science and electronic engineering;
  • to discern clusters of excellence to put forward for collaboration with the European Union Framework Programs 7 and 8, and
  • to recommend what measures are needed to improve Australia’s performance in ICT research.

2. Cloud computing at peta-scale

Australia’s Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering formed a Working Group in August 2008 on Cloud Computing at Peta-scale.

Recognising that cloud computing at Internet scale is an emerging technology of importance to the information and communications technology capacity of Australia and the competitiveness of its innovation capability, the Academy established the group to report on relevant aspects of this disruptive technology. Its goals were to clearly communicate the essence of cloud computing (amid a score of definitions) and to identify the benefits, costs, risks and opportunities provided by cloud computing at Internet scale – for four constituencies:

  • government
  • business
  • venture-backed start-ups
  • university research

Its report was launched in Canberra in October 2010. See www.cloudinnovation.com.au

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